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Making Changes to Keep Our Communities Safe

In less than one year our lives have changed in many ways and this includes our involvement with Destination Imagination. Masks and social distancing are our new normal as Covid-19 continues to affect our lives in so many ways. The number one goal for Destination Imagination and Texas Destination Imagination is to keep your child safe from not only Covid-19, but in all physical and mental endeavors.

Texas DI is Changing:

  1. Challenge Program: Destination Imagination is launching the challenge program later in the year.
    • The following documents will be available on November 1, 2020:
      • The Technical Challenge, Scientific Challenge, Fine Arts Challenge, Service Learning Challenge and Rising Stars Challenge.
      • Road Map
      • Rules of the Road
      • Instant Challenge Practice Set
    • Launching December 1, 2020:
      • The Improv Challenge and the Engineering Challenge.
    • While waiting for the release of the challenges your team can continue to work on skills that will help them in any challenge:
      • Practice Virtual ICs
      • Have experts teach skills such as sewing, filming, editing film, and many more
      • Team Building
      • Check out the 2020 Virtual Global Finals Solutions
  2. Background Checks: Destination Imagination and Sterling Volunteers will be providing this service in conjunction with memberships. Destination Imagination is requiring only one team manager to be checked. Team Managers who do not have a background check thru DI or the same level of background check through Sterling will not be able to be added as a Team Manage on the Destination Imagination Registration site. They will not have access to any of the Destination Imagination program material.
  3. Tournaments: Some will be virtual tournaments and others may include in-person Instant Challenges or Celebrations. 

Texas DI is changing to help keep our communities safe but we are not changing what we offer our students.  We will continue to challenge our teams through creative problem-solving.  We look forward to a new season!

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