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DI sounds great, but you would like to learn more.

Texas DI is an affiliate of Destination Imagination, Inc. To learn more about the DI program, visit the DI website at If you click the link, the site will open in a new window. Once you are at the DI, Inc site, check out the tabs at the top of the page:

  • About Us – DI Vision, Mission Statement, Staff, Policies and Financials
  • Get Involved – How to start a team, find your location, volunteer, sign on as a sponsor, and donate to the program.
  • Team Challenges – Information about the current year challenges, videos, resources and Global Finals
  • Events – General information about regional and affiliate tournaments and Global Finals

DI is definitely the program for you. Follow the steps below:

  1. To volunteer, select the Get Involved tab at the top of this screen. This page lists the volunteer roles in DI.
  2. Next, you want to determine your Texas DI region. Select the Regions tab at the top of the screen to locate your region.
  3. Get in touch with your Regional Director listed on the Regions page. This person directs the activities of the region in which you reside. Things to ask your Regional Director are:
    • Is DI supported by your school district? If so, ask who coordinates the program for your district?
    • If it is not supported by your school district, ask how to get started.
  4. Do not purchase a team number until you have talked to your Regional Director. Some school districts will handle that for you and you may end up spending money unnecessarily.
  5. After your team has a team number, you will need to register your team and register for the regional tournament. Click here for step by step instructions. 

Introduction to DI Video

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Team Managers

A great team starts with a great team manager. Click on the button below for instructions on setting yourself up as a Texas DI Team Manager.

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Interested in Appraising?

Texas DI is comprised of 16 regions. Click on the button below for instructions on how to become an appraiser in the region of your choice. 

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