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Team Manager Instructions

These instructions are for creating a Team Manager Account at Texas DI and registering your teams for your Regional Tournament. If you are looking for information on purchasing or obtaining a Team Membership Number you should go to: START A TEAM.

Follow these instructions to create an account at Texas DI regardless of whether you are a Team Manager or will be working as a Co-Team Manager. The only difference between the Team Manager of a Team or a Co-Team Manager of a team is how you access the teams registration information. Teams must be created by the Team Manager. A Co-Team Manager cannot create a team.

If you already have an account on Texas DI

If you already have an account on Texas DI but have not been a Team Manager then you need to edit your User Profile to indicate that you are a Team Manager.

  • Sign on to Texas DI with your User Account.
  • If you see TM in the upper right just below the page banner then you are already set up as a Team Manager.
  • Click on My Account in the menu box on the left that is labeled with your user name.
  • Click on the Edit tab at the top of the page.
  • Click on the Profile link.
  • Check the Team Manager box (top of page).
  • Click on Save at bottom of page.
  • Skip to Manage your Teams below.
Create User Account
  • Many school email addresses block mail from unregistered or unrecognized addresses. We recommend that you use an email address other than a school district email. If you do use a school district or other company email address and have the ability to whitelist email addresses you should add This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to you whitelist. Otherwise, you may not receive confirmation emails or other email from the system.
  • Click Create a new account in the User login Block.
  • Enter the required information such as Username, Email and Password. We recommend that you not use your email address for your user name. You can sign in to the website using either your user name or your email address. We also recommend that you not use your team's membership number for your username. This will be your permanent USERID on the system and while it works fine this year, next year it would just be confusing.
  • Check the Team Manager checkbox.
  • MAKE SURE YOU SELECT YOUR REGION. If you do not select a region, your team will not be available to your regional director. If you create a team in the wrong region your only option is to delete the team and set it up correctly. Consult the FAQs for more information.
  • Enter the other information. (You must enter your first and last name, phone number and select your region in order to create and manage teams.)
  • Your region may REQUIRE that you set up your mailing address as part of the registration process. Instructions on your home regions website should inform you if this is the case. If the region has requested that you set up your mailing address and you do not you will not be able to complete the team setup process.
  • Click the Create a New Account button.
  • Due to the large number of spammers attempting to create accounts at Texas DI you must authenticate your email address before you have access to the site. You will NOT have Team Manager access until you click the link in the email that you receive. The authentication email goes out immediately. If you do not see the email within a few minutes you should check your spam folder. If you do not receive the email it may be that your districts spam filter is preventing the mail from coming to you.
  • If you have a co-team manager and wish them to have access to edit the team then they also must create a user account on the Texas website.
  • Please note that you can create multiple teams with one team manager account. You do not have to create separate Team Manager Accounts for separate teams.
Manage your Teams
  • After you successfully login as a Team Manager, you will see TM in the upper right portion of the page just below the page banner.
  • Click on this link and you will be taken to your Team Manager Home Page. If you are not on the "Teams" Tab.
  • To create a new team click the "Add Team" link. The Add Team link will not be available if your Region has not opened.
  • If you have 1 or more Teams double click on the membership number or school name to edit the team or click the "Add Team" link to create a new Team.
  • There are additional tabs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you navigate away from the Team Create/Edit Form before saving the form then all of the information you have input or changed will be lost. Wait until you see a page that is labeled "View DI Team - - " where year is the tournament competition year.

Setup a New Team
  • If you are a Co-Team Manager you should not setup the team. Let the primary Team Manager set up the team and they can select you as the Co-Team Manager. The system defines the person who sets up the team as the Team Manager and it is not possible to change this without intervention by your Regional Director.
  • When you select the New Team button you will see the Create Team form.
  • Input the required information into the various fields.
    • DO NOT select yourself as the Co-Team Manager of the team.
    • At a minimum you must select a School District and School in order to save a team.
    • Your RD will appreciate your indicating your teams Challenge and Competition Level just as soon as possible. It helps with planning.
      • Your region may have specific instructions for you on this page. Your Regional Director can assist you if you have any questions.
      • When you have entered your information, make sure you click the Save Button.
      • It is very important that you WAIT until the team is saved before navigating away from the edit tab. When see a page labeled "View DI Team - (your region name) - program year" you know that the team has been saved.
      • After you have saved you will be returned to the VIEW tab. where you can review the information that you have just set up.
      • You can print a preliminary copy of your Team's Tournament Registration form by clicking the Print Form button. A new window will pop up for you to review. You can click the "Print this Form" button at the top of the page to send the form to the printer. Click the "Exit this Form" button to close the window.
      • At this point you may return to the My Teams list by clicking the Return to Manage Teams link.
Edit an Existing Team
  • If you double clicked on a team to edit the team you will be taken to a page with 2 tabs on it. One tab will be labeled View and the other will be labeled Edit.
  • The View tab shows you the information that you have already setup for this team. You may see some messages across the top for things that you need to complete. Follow the instructions above to edit a team. You can print a copy of this information by clicking on the PRINT FORM button at the bottom of the View page. Follow the instructions above for printing the form.
Printing a Final Tournament Registration form
  • When you have all information complete you should check the "Team Information Complete and I am ready to complete the registration process" box at the bottom of the form. This will allow you to print off an "official" tournament registration form. Consult your regional website to determine if this form is to be used to submit your registration to the region. We recommend that you not check this box when you first set up your team. This allows you to update and change things without having to contact the regional director to allow you to make changes.
  • After this box is checked you will not be able to make any changes to your team information.
  • If you check the box in error, contact your Regional Director for help. They can "uncheck" the box for you.
  • Follow your Regions instructions for submitting your tournament Registration.
Deleting a Team
  • If you find that you need to delete a team that you have created.
    • Select the team in the My Teams listing by double clicking on the membership number or school name.
    • Review the information n the View tab to make sure this is the team you want to delete.
    • Select the Edit tab at the top of the page.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the Editing screen and click the Delete button.
    • You will be asked to confirm that you really want to delete the team.
  • This process is awkward but we want you to be really sure before you delete a team. Deleting a Team is permanent. The information cannot be recovered.

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